Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Are you making the most of your Outdoors? Provide a great outside exercise facility for all members of your community, regardless of fitness level or workout experience.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment. Taking indoor exercises outdoors.

The HELIOS Outdoor Multi-Gym will give your users the best workout they'll ever have away from the equipment in a local health club or home gym. Exercising outside has proven health benefits, and doesn't require costly infrastructure. Provide your community with proven, effective, safe and cost saving exercise equipment using the one thing everywhere has... the great outdoors!

Easy to Use

The HELIOS provides 7 unique and effective exercise stations that ANYONE can use. With simple attached instructions and links to online training videos visitors can use the HELIOS properly the first time, with no outside training or supervision.

Fun and Effective

The HELIOS is a fitness playground for all ages and fitness levels. Biometric, body weight exercise means the HELIOS provides real exercises, for real results, all in the wonder of the great outdoors.

Real Exercises!

The HELIOS offers the best workout you'll ever have away from the equipment in your local health club or home gym. This isn't a toy, but a commercial grade exercise Multi-Gym with 7 unique stations.

Hassle Free!

The HELIOS is rugged and built tough. Tough enough to be used by the US military around the world, including forward deployments. This tough, weatherproof construction means you install it and forget it, and let your community enjoy it for years to come.