Tamperproof multigyms designed for the world's toughest indoor or outdoor environments.

At Outdoor-Fit, we design and build the world's safest tamperproof,
multi-user exercise equipment.

Our mission is to provide rugged, tamperproof multigyms that provide real exercises designed with correct biomechanics in mind. Each of our products has been extensively tested in the harshest environments by people like the US Military in overseas deployments, or correctional facilities across North America. Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems is trusted by the most demanding customers to deliver commercial quality exercise equipment in a rugged, tamperproof package.

We've developed a reputation for tough equipment that provides real workouts to even the fittest of users. At the same time our innovative, built-in assist mechanisms make our equipment accessible to beginners and casual users.

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7 Station MultiGym

The machine that started the revolution. Tough, rugged, tamperproof and installed across North America.

HELIOS for Corrections

HELIOS for Parks & Rec


12 Station MultiGym

The evolution of the HELIOS with more stations, even more simultaneous users, and our rugged, tamperproof design.

APOLLO for Corrections

APOLLO for Parks & Rec


All our equipment is tamperproof.

No removable parts and completely safe for unsupervised use. Built for safety and proven in correctional facilities, parks, and campuses across North America.

All our equipment maximizes safety.

Our equipment is built with no pinch point or entrapment areas. The units are tamperproof and perfectly safe for users and everyone around them.

All our equipment is weatherproof.

Built rugged and durable, our multigyms can be installed anywhere - in an indoor facility or in the great outdoors.

All our equipment is built for real exercise.

Designed with correct bio-mechanics, our multigyms provide real fitness without the risk of injury for all fitness levels from beginner to athlete.

All our equipment is space efficient.

With multiple exercise stations for multiple users, our multigyms pack a lot of fitness options into a small space.

All our equipment is low maintenance.

Built with extra thick steel plate, heavy duty aluminium, stainless steel, and super durable polyester paint, low maintenance is guaranteed.

Customer Showcase

Aurora Detention Center, Colorado

The HELIOS was installed at this correctional facility because of it's tamperproof design with no removable parts, and its small footprint for indoor installation. The HELIOS provides seven workout stations in one space efficient unit.

Pottawamie County Sheriff's Department

Since Pottawattmie County jail houses inmates of all security levels, their exercise equipment needs to be top of the line.

NavConBrig Chesapeake, VA

NavConBrig Chesapeake (aka Joint Regional Correctional Facility Mid-Atlantic) is a regional military correctional facility with a focus on rehabilitation.

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Picking the right exercise equipment is difficult, and with the number of options on the market today it can be hard to sort out great products from the not so great. That's why we always encourage potential clients to reach out and talk to us about how we design, manufacture and support our indoor/outdoor multigyms.

If you have questions about how to pick the best products for your facility or outdoor areas please contact us. A representative will be in touch within 48 hours to answer your questions and help you make the most of your exercise equipment investment.

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